Compliance Incentives and Tax Management

Processing business incentives in a
tax-optimised way and in line with
compliance requirements

CITAX digitalises and automates your incentive process in end-to-end fashion and allows for tax-optimised and compliant processing of business incentives according to § 37b EstG

With CITAX, you benefit from increased efficiency across the entire process, increased transparency and higher tax calculation quality

CITAX Information Brochure

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Professional incentive management

End-to-end digitalized, SAP-based, transparent & audit-proof

CITAX is an SAP-based software solution that digitally and automatically maps the entire incentive management process. Companies receive support from the planning of non-cash incentives or complex events, through the multi-stage workflow all the way to automated and correct tax assessment and the corresponding posting in the FI and HR system. CITAX is characterised by complete integration into your SAP infrastructure, a modern web front-end with intuitive and convenient usability, role-based authorisations, multi-level workflows and detailed evaluations. Z1 and Z3 access options (in accordance with GoBD) for auditors also enable the efficient processing of tax audits.

Certified compliance with legal principles

CITAX is certified according to IDW PS 880 and takes the following legal principles (German law) into account

  • Incentive cases
    according to § 37b EStG
  • Company events
    § 40 para. 2 no. 2 EStG / R 19 para. 1 sentence 1 no. 1a EStG
  • Incentives for special personal reasons
    according to R 19.6 LStR
  • Anniversary celebration
    R19.3 para. 2 no. 3 LStR
  • Incentives in framework of own sales programme
    in accordance with § 8, para. 3 EStG
  • Entertainment
    R 8.1 para. 8 LStR / R19.6 LStR / R 4.10 paras. 5 - 9 EStR
  • Exemption limit for remuneration in kind of 44 EUR
    § 8, para. 2, sentence 11 EStG
  • Company health benefits
    § 3 No. 34 EStG
  • Operating expenses related to incentives
    § 4, para. 5, sentence 1, no. 1 EStG
  • Business expenses as business-related entertainment
    § 4 para. 5 sentence 1 no. 2 EStG
  •  Input tax deduction
    § 15 UStG, § 15 para. 1a UStG
Optimierte und compliance-konforme Abwicklung von Incentives

Siemens: Digitaler Sachzuwendungsprozess

Die Siemens AG hat die steuerlich korrekte Abwicklung von Sachzuwendungen mit CITAX weitgehend automatisiert, wodurch Kosten eingespart und die Transparenz gesteigert werden.

Ob Geschenk oder Firmen-Event – die steuerlich korrekte Abwicklung von Sachzuwendungen verursacht hohen Aufwand. Die Siemens AG hat den Prozess mit CITAX, einer smarten, SAP-basierten Lösung, weitgehend automatisiert. Damit lassen sich Zuwendungen nicht nur optimiert und compliance-konform erfassen, sondern auch Kosten einsparen, die Transparenz steigern und der Aufwand bei zukünftigen Betriebsprüfungen reduzieren.

"We were convinced by the total package: A future-proof, intuitive IT solution, high professional competence within the team and a valuable experience from projects in corporate groups."

Tobias Denk, Siemens AG

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CITAX, the convincing tax solution

Process incentives automatically and benefit from SAP integration

With our expertise and many years of experience with numerous customers,
we will implement your requirements optimally, efficiently and in a future-proof manner

Compliance with legal requirements

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Transparency & efficiency in the entire end-2-end process

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Increased tax calculation quality

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Mapping of comprehensive technical requirements

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Complete process integration

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Audit-proof and central documentation

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Extensive evaluation options

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Excellent user experience and intuitive use

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Experience from many projects

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PSP webinar recording

Business incentives – a hot topic

On the one hand, such matters are tax-relevant and on the other hand, we constantly have to maintain a balance between a simple gesture, initiating a business transaction and "baiting". The challenge is therefore to handle business incentives in a way that is both tax-optimised and compliant. The webinar uses the example of CITAX to demonstrate a holistic process for taxing non-cash incentives in a fully integrated system landscape.

"We now have the security of being able to handle both simple and complex matters in a tax-compliant manner with a system-supported solution."

Carsten Radau, Airbus

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    SAP access for all CITAX users
    Existing SAP system as a host platform for CITAX
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CITAX Information Brochure

Download Information Brochure (in German)